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Among the honorific inscriptions from Old Paphos published by T. Mitford inthe most common made by family mem- bers to or by women are those by mothers to sons and parents to daughters. There are four examples of each of these.

There is, in addition, one example of a mother alone honoring her son and her daughter. This omission may have been due not to any familial hostility, but rather to the fact that a married daughter was considered part of her husband's family. Indeed, one woman does make a dedication to her father-in-law.

It is also likely that the daughters who are hon- ored by both their parents are not married. The only dedication made by a woman in honor of another woman Normal escort fisting that in honor of Zeuxo by Stratonice, an Alexandrian, daughter of Nicias.

Moreover, since the reasons for the dedications at Paphos are inscribed only when the dedicatee is a man, and even then only when he is not a friend or a relative of the dedicator, it is impos- Fuck my wife morphett vale to know the reasons for Stratonice's dedication.

Since it dates from the period of Polycrates' strategeia, it is not in cele- bration of the victory of Zeuxo at the Panathenaea, which is known to us. Escort independent san jose and Polycrates had three daughters and two sons.

By the standard of Classical Athens, this family was large; by comparison with other Hellenistic families, it was enormous. Particularly ostentatious — in a period when Posidippus wrote, "Everyone, even a poor man, raises a son; everyone, even a rich man, exposes a daughter" 16 — is the large of daughters.

Rais- ing a of daughters was indicative of great wealth and pride, on the same scale as owning horses that were victorious at pan-Hellenic festivals.

Owning such horses at Athens was evi- dence that a man belonged to the liturgical class. De- metria, who held eponymous priesthoods from to B. Dryton, a cavalry officer, raised five daughters. There may New bowling green escort ads been additional offspring who had been named for their grandparents in the normal Greek fashion and who did not survive.

A declining birthrate often coincides with an improvement in women's status. But when it is coupled with female infanticide, as was the case in parts of the Greek world in the Hellenistic period, the two factors for assessing women's status are contra- dictory.

However, since the members of the Ptolemaic nobility were wealthy enough to rear large families and obviously did not eliminate their female offspring, it appears that the status of women in such families was high in comparison to that of other Greek women. Unsurprisingly, the women of the Ptolemaic nobility seem to have married their equals.

For example, Myrsine was the wife of Pelops, the first attested strategus of Cyprus; their fathers may have known each other at Samos, where Myrsine's father was honored and where Pelops' father held a military command during the reign of Ptolemy II.

In Alexandria, Ptolemy I had bestowed a legal code after consulta- tion with Peripatetic philosophers at his court. Citizenship in Greek cities could be inherited from either parent, but, according to Aristotle, the normal prerequisite Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 descent from both a mother and father who were citizens.

A restrictive citizenship law has the effect of limiting the num- ber of citizens. It is characteristic of a polis whose citizenship is considered to have legal, economic, and emotional value.

A state that is attractive to foreigners and is becoming cosmopolitan would be more likely to define its citizenship strictly and reserve it for natives of double-citizen parentage.

A restrictive citizen- ship law is also protective of native-born women: it gives them an advantage in the marriage market, since only their children can be full citizens.

This ambiguity is a result of the paucity of primary evidence from the Ptolemaic period for women's citizenship, 31 the possibility of change under Roman domination, and the problems raised by the topic of Alexandrian citizenship in general.

Some women at Alexandria, as well as in the other Greek cities in Egypt, bore the status deation aste "citizen".

Although women as citizens did not enjoy political rights in a modern sense, they did have civic status.

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Women were not enrolled in tribes, or demes, at Alexandria. The ques- tion that concerns us here is whether this term also deated the mother of a citizen. Fraser cautiously writes, "The normal practice would be for citizenship to be restricted to per- sons of Greek parentage, of whom the father at least was a citizen.

El-Abbadi postulates that the Alexandrian citizenship was based on the Athenian model: Double-citizen parentage was required. Two privileged statuses in Roman Egypt were restricted to those whose parents on both sides had the requisite lineage.

It would Erotic lynwood massage lynwood strange if membership in the ephebate were governed by a restrictive law, while citizenship itself was not.

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Metropolitan status — a Ro- man innovation which granted certain privileges and immuni- ties from taxes — likewise had to be proven through the maternal and paternal line. It would certainly have been more profitable for the Romans to reduce the of privileged citizens in Alexan- dria.

Yet they are Honest sincere looking for the same known to have introduced a double-parent requirement in any conquered territory.

It is far more likely that the restrictive law had already existed in the Ptolemaic period and that women who were citizens were the most attractive brides for men who were citizens.

They probably conformed to a pattern expressed on an expensive funerary monument from another Greek city in North Africa. Estimates of the date of the tomb range from b.

The painting has faded, and it is not always possible to understand exactiy what the artist intended to depict. Each of the metopes shows two figures. All the figures are female, with the exception of one male figure in the final scene, who must be Charon, the ferryman of the dead.

The first metope shows two seated figures in an attitude of sadness. Both are well dressed and wearing jewelry. Perhaps the scene is a portrayal of the deceased woman and a sister mourning the death of a parent.

On the second metope, a woman is kneeling before a standing woman who holds a rod. The theme is education. Certainly schooling was available to girls in the fourth century. If the standing woman is imparting secular knowledge to her student — assuming that they are not mother and daughter — then the tomb is one of two of the earliest pieces of evidence of formal teaching by a female teacher.

The other piece of evidence is the tradition that Sappho taught paideuousa aristocratic women, who came to her not only from her native land, but from Ionia.

This story can be traced back to the middle of the third century, to Callias of Mytilene, a contem- porary of Aristophanes of Byzantium.

It is also possible that the standing woman is giving Carson city girls snapchat about the proper behavior in some religious ceremony and using the rod as a pointer.

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The third metope depicts the woman spinning on a distaff as she walks, followed by a slave carrying a small chest. The distaff connotes women's domesticity. The chest alludes to the Oral worship for weeping nebraska bbws. Yet, despite the wealth indicated by the dowry and by the tomb itself, the woman was not lazy, for she spins even while she walks!

The fourth metope shows one figure in repose while a standing woman experiences emotional stress, perhaps in mourning. This simultaneous expression of a variety of emotions brings to mind the pictorial cycle at the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii.

Perhaps the metope depicts an initiation ceremony in which a novice feels terror, while the initiate has already found peace. In the fifth metope, one woman is on a swing while another stands behind her. The two may simply be playing, or, more likely, the swing may allude to the worship of Dionysus.

The biographical tomb shows that the events in a woman's life that were thought worthy of commemoration on her tomb were her initiations into various cults, marriage, and death.

She experienced most of the decisive events in her life in the company of other women. Women of the Ptolemaic aristocracy, like Greek women else- where and at all times, participated actively in religion. Female relatives of Polycrates attended the celebration of the Thesmo- phoria in B.

Participation in the festival was limited to re- spectable women.

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Who the fathers of her children were is ques- tionable. At any rate, it was not alleged that Ptolemy had sired them. Barring an unlikely coincidence, the only way that the brother and sister could have borne virtually the same name was if they had the same father an Agathocles or if they were named for one of their mother's ascendants.

Like most unwed mothers, she may have named her children for her own family. In fact, Polybius refers to Agathocles merely as Oenanthe's son.

The priest Agathocles and priestess Agathoclea — if they are not the same Women want sex fairplay Oenanthe's chil- dren — could have been named for these two.

Polybius reports that Aristomenes, "prime minister" of Ptolemy V, named his daughter after Agathocles, and he may not have been the only one to do so. Agathocles may have simply adopted a fictive "Agathocles" as his patronymic for the sake of appearances. Oenanthe had been the mistress of Ptolemy III, and her son had been the king's boy lover eromenos.

She must have bornefor she was able to serve as wet nurse to Ptolemy V. A rebellion against the authority exercised by Agathocles was at hand when Oenanthe, depressed and distressed, offered prayers at the Thesmophoria. Some of the noble women, includ- ing Polycrates' relatives, unaware of the reason for Oenanthe's distress, attempted to comfort her.

She charged them with hypoc- risy, rejected their advances, and cursed them. The women, re- buffed, left Oenanthe alone.

Their rage increased the fervor of the rebellion. Agathoclea and her sisters were also Single men in southall. They and their relatives met a death that culminated in dismemberment.

Simultaneously, some of the young girls who had been raised with Arsinoe III took up clubs and stones and slew one of the queen's murderers and his son.

They stripped his wife, dragged her to the street, and killed her too.

The Ptolemaic princes and princesses were brought up with a cohort of upper-class children to serve as their companions, and Polycrates was certainly important enough for his daughters to have been granted this privilege.

Stories about the boyhood friends of Alexander the Great who retained their loyalty to him when he was king are familiar. The companions of Arsinoe too did not forget their queen. The official title of these "foster siblings" was suntrophoi.

Though they were courtesans, these women were not restricted to Single ladies phone numbers in hull symposia.

We have observed this flexibility about women as early as the reign of Philip II see Chapter 1. Satyrus remarks that Philip, intending to claim Thessaly as his property, begot children by two women of this country.

Figure of Arsinoe HI from a oinochoe made for the ruler cult. The raised right arm might have been holding a scepter Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 a sword.

From lower Egypt, third century bx. Walters Art Gallery Philinna bore him Philip Arrhidaeus.

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Sources describe Philinna as a common entertainer of undistin- guished background. Rumor has it that he was so much a threat to Alexander as heir apparent that Olym- pias saw to it that the boy became feeble-minded.

Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729, after the death of Alexander, a faction of Macedonians pro- claimed Arrhidaeus as king. Scattered references in Ptolemaic history show that mistresses bore children who were not snubbed and who sometimes held not inificant political posts.

Demetrius received Leontiscus, son of Ptolemy I and Thais, as an ally. Plutarch, advocate Cincinnati women com conjugal affection, refers disapprovingly to Ptolemy's girlfriends.

Bilistiche was the most famous and most favored of Ptolemy's mistresses. The only other identifiable women who owned ships on which royal grain was carried were members of the highest court circles. What is more surprising is that Ptolemy II endowed two of his favorites with a spiritual and religious power qualita- tively similar to, though quantitatively less than, the power he bestowed on his wife and sister.

If, Miami usasexguide granting such honors to his mistresses, Ptolemy revealed that he thought them trivial, then there is room to doubt his sincerity when, in an earlier period, he bestowed similar honors on Arsinoe.

Ptolemy II had statues of his cupbearer Cleino erected in many quarters of Alexandria.

She personified the goddess Philadelphia Sibling Love and carried a rhyton, or cornucopia — a symbol of fertility which was an attribute of the queen as well.

Temples and shrines were dedicated in honor of Aphrodite-Bilistiche. Athenaeus declares that, in establishing the worship of Aphrodite-Pythionice, Harpalus displayed his con- tempt for the gods.

Wife shreveport sex are coals. But when we warm them, they gleam like budding roses. In Argos, for example, the priestesses of Hera were eponymous, filling the same role as the ephors in Sparta and the archons in Athens.

In Ptolemaic Egypt, women are not the only eponymous officials, but they are listed in dating protocols after the Ptolemies and the priest of Alexander.

Al- though papyrologists are still discovering eponymous priestesses or redefining the dates of known ones, gaps remain in the lists. At times the scribes, through laziness or ignorance, lapse into an empty formula, writing, for example, "when whoever was the athlophore 'prize-bearer'?

The names can often be reconstituted if a few letters and the total word length are known, since most of them are ordinary Greek names. However, a few Egyptian names do appear in Greek texts; the earliest of these were built on the stem "Isis.

Erotic lynwood massage lynwood has also been proposed that Simariste bears an Illyrian name. The most common names of the eponymous priestesses were Berenice and Arsinoe.

These dynastic names were so popular, in fact, that they even appear among the purely Egyptian names in the sacerdotal milieu at Memphis.

The naming of Agathocles and Agathoclea has already been discussed. Polycrates and Zeuxo had a daughter called Hermione and another Zeuxoand their son Polycrates also named a daughter Hermione.

Artemo ap- pears at least twice in the lines of Seleucus and his son Theodo- rus, both governors of Cyprus. A Stratonice and a Berenice were sisters, as were perhaps a Cratea and a Polycratea.

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A few women bore their father's name in feminine form: e. Those parents who named a daughter for her father must have felt, consciously or otherwise, that a female child was in some way able to per- petuate her father's lineage.

Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes all chose to depict heroines who defied their hus- bands, and in tragedy Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 went so far as to destroy them.

Perhaps observing that the female Ptolemies were not excluded from the succession to the throne led them to realize that their own daughters could be viewed as retaining ties to their natal families.

That they were ethnic Greeks should not be surmised from their names alone, but other factors make this conclusion more than likely. Not all the women came from the most illustrious families. Many of the women were daughters of the highest- ranking men, including strategoi of Cyprus and other officials, and bearers of aulic honorific titles.

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Single men in southall same families appear again and again in the lists. Three daughters of Theodorus, strategus of Cyprus, were appointed to eponymous priesthoods in one year.

There are several other examples of sisters and cous- ins serving within a short interval. How old they were cannot be precisely determined, since the only datable event in the lives of most of the priestesses is their tenure of the sacred offices. From the observation that a daughter's appointment was a facet of her father's honor, we may suppose that the daughter was young and not yet married.

If she had been married, she would have been considered part of her hus- band's family, and the honor to her father would have been more remote. The canephoroi who walked in the Panathenaic procession in Athens had to be young virgins of unblemished reputation.

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The norm was breached — as it later was at the Thesmophoria — by royal mistresses. Since she owned a ship in 2 15 B. The priestess of Arsinoe Philopator held office for life and was not obliged to be a virgin. Among the priest- esses of Arsinoe Philopator are good examples of long-lived women.

The canephore, as her name indicates, carried a basket; the basket was gold and contained offerings or implements needed for ceremonies. Greek women usually carried baskets on their he.

The daughters of the Ptolemaic nobility must have needed to practice Massage new richmond sensual serving as canephore, for surely they had rarely had to bear burdens on their he — leaving such labor to slaves.

A new eponymous priest- hood was created; the holder of the office was titled athlophore.

The word means "prize-bearer" and may refer to Berenice's victories in the chariot races. What the athlophore actually did, in addition to lending her name to the year, is not known. She took precedence over the canephore in dating protocols. As we have noted above, the same woman usually served as athlophore and canephore in successive years.

In addition to the priestess of Arsinoe Philopator, the cane- phore of Arsinoe Philadelphus, and the athlophore of Berenice II, there were other sacred offices deated for women.

More- over, there were other cults open to women. The Thesmophoria was reserved for women, and the cult of Adonis was extremely popular among them. Second, reli- gion was an area of particular interest to women.

The tradition of educating the female members of the Macedonian ruling houses can be traced as far back as Eurydice, mother of Philip II. Of her own volition she learned to read and write when she was already the mother of mature sons.

Olympias may have been literate, too, for she and Alexander exchanged letters, although they probably employed secretaries in any case.

The royal women in the early generations of the courts of the successors were not merely literate but became active patronesses of erudite litera- ture. If the education of princesses provided the occasion for the education of the daughters of the nobility who were raised with them, the question is whether educated Single men in southall can be found at successively lower Women want sex fairplay of Alexandrian society.

There is no di- rect evidence for elementary education for either boys or girls in Ptolemaic Alexandria. Schools did exist elsewhere in the Helle- nistic world; some of these were endowed and provided a free education for children of both sexes. Otherwise, education was private. The wealthy, like royalty, would obtain private tutors — often slaves — who instructed children at home.

At the next eco- nomic level, parents would bring their children to schoolmasters who Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 a of children for a fee.

Terracotta figurines from Ptole- maic sites in Alexandria portray girls and young women looking at diptychs in their lap Plate 7.

Terracottas were not manufactured for a wealthy elite. They were mass-produced in molds and priced accordingly. The historian must assume that the activities portrayed on terra- cottas record the realities of everyday life of people comfortable enough to afford more than the bare necessities.

Full text of "Women In Hellenistic Egypt By Samy Salah"

Terracottas also depict girls and young women dancing and playing musical instruments Plate 8. Music and dancing were two facets of mousike the musical arts. According to Aristotle, the subjects in the basic curriculum were reading and writing, gymnastics, the musical arts, and — some add as the fourth — painting.

Instead, they received their physical exercise by dancing. Musical accom- plishments could enhance the reputation of a respectable woman.

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On the grave stela of Nico, an Alexandrian citizen, daughter of Timon, the dead woman is seated in a mournful pose Plate A small girl offers her a lyre.

The only evidence that women painted in Alexandria is that there were two professional artists. Her painting may have served as the original of Greensboro webcam dating extant "Alexander mosaic" from Pompeii.

Another pro- fessional artist who may have lived in Alexandria was Anax- andra, daughter of the artist Nealces.

The achievements of these women painters must be attributed more to the fact that they were both daughters of painters than to any opportunity they may have had to study painting at school.

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As was true for the artists, these women often chose to work in the same area as their fathers. Agallis was the daughter of Agallias, who was himself a pupil of Aristophanes of Byzantium. Agallis patriotically declared that her country- woman Nausicaa had invented ball-playing, doubtless because she was the first person in literature to be portrayed playing with Miami usasexguide ball.

Hestiaea was a grammarian who wrote a treatise on whether the Trojan War had been fought around the city named Ilium in her own day. The work of Diophila may have been more inspiring. The scholia on Callimachus may be interpreted as stating that the poet consulted a poem on astronomy by Diophila for his writing of the Aetia.

The writing of Agallis, Hestiaea, and Diophila has not sur- vived, but approximately fifty lines on musical theory written by Ptolemai's are extant.

Although in a dispute between the Neo- pythagoreans and Peripatetics she supported the doctrines of the latter, because of her subject matter scholars have con- sidered her a Neopythagorean. The largest of women philosophers in the Hellenistic period appear among the Neopythagoreans, and some of the Neopythagorean pseudepigrapha are attributed to women.

Conjectures about their dates range from the fourth century B. According to the Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 recent editor of these texts, works originating in the East tended to be written in the Ionic dialect, while those from the West used Doric.

Graeco-Roman Museum. Elegant woman with a lyre. Haunienses II Some scholars have doubted that the authors of the Neopythag- orean treatises were actually women, and suggested that men who adopted the names of earlier female disciples and relatives of Pythagoras as pseudonyms wrote them.

The arguments against female authorship consists of two parts: 1 the names of Tranny sex grove women authors are pseudonyms, and 2 the treatises were writ- ten by men using the pseudonyms.

Such names occur elsewhere in the Greek world and have no particular ificance in a philosophical context. There would have been no point in forging works under a name like this unless such a name were found among Pythagoras' female dis- ciples. Other authors are named for Theano wife of PythagorasMyia and Arignote his daughtersand Perictione Plato's mother.

Several of the male authors as well — for example, Ar- chytas, Cleinias, Megillus, Milon, and Lysis — bear names that ap- pear in earlier Pythagorean and Platonic traditions.

It is likely that the names are authentic, for, as a declaration of principle, Neopythagoreans would give their daughters names that occurred in the Pythagorean tradition.

The names of chil- dren often reflected and still do their parents' religious persua- sions or intellectual interests. More- over, disciples sometimes marry the daughters of their teachers. · zanelim/singbert at main

Thus Aristotle's will directed that his daughter marry Nicanor or Theophrastus; later, among the Neoplatonists, Theagenes, benefactor of Marinus, married Asclepigenia daughter of Ar- chiadas.

There were precedents for the activities of the Neopythago- rean women. That the philosopher himself was responsible for this innovation or at least thoroughly ap- proved is indicated by the fact that the women mentioned by name included his wife and daughters.

According to Diogenes Laertius, Theano wrote a few things. Richard Bentley apparently did not believe this report about women's participation at all: in a discussion of the authenticity of a Neo- pythagorean treatise ascribed to Perictione, he wrote, "The forgers of treatises simply thought it a point of decorum, to make even the female kindred of philosophers copy after Massage studio lancaster grove men.

The speeches are addressed to both men and women, and in- clude discussion of appropriate behavior for women. The original Pythagoreans lived together in close-knit communities, abiding by a strict discipline extending to dietary matters, wearing apparel, and the proper seasons for sexual intercourse.

Under such circumstances, it would have been mandatory that both sexes understand the doctrines. Both among the original Pythagoreans and among the Neo- pythagoreans, such women must have read philosophy or sat in on classes or lectures or informal discussions.

Indeed, the state- ment of Lysistrata that she was instructed by listening to her father and other older men in her family is perfectly credible and pertinent here.

Arete of Cyrene was the daughter of Socrates' companion Aristippus. Crates the Cynic visited Metrocles, who had been a Peripatetic, and Old grannies for hot sex louisville him to become his follower.

Hippar- chia was captivated as well. Antigonus was himself a philosopher and Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 tained other philosophers at his court.

A painting from Bosco- reale after a Greek original of the middle of the third century b. Phila is in the fore- ground, gazing up at the philosopher, showing much more in- terest than Antigonus. Her father, Theon, had been in charge of the school before her. Thus the Neopythagorean authors, especially those bearing philosophically ificant names — like other creative women working in philosophy, scholarship, and art — simply followed their male relatives' careers.

Women participated in some of the other Hellenistic philo- sophical groups, including Epicureanism and Cynicism and, ear- lier in the fourth century, Platonism. Learned Neopythagorean women were lampooned in at least three New Comedies.

In fact, if some contemporary women did not write prose treatises, and if the very notion that women could write such works were considered outlandish, there would have been no point in circulating such treatises under women's names.

Hypercritical scholarship suggests that, because women were the subject of these treatises, they were published under women's names to win them credibility among their readers.

A large portion of the work attributed to women does Pegging husband story with the proper conduct of women, but not all of it does. For example, although both of them wrote about women, Perictione also wrote on wisdom and Theano wrote on the theory of s and the immortality of the soul.

Furthermore, male writers also spoke of women.

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Callicra- tidas described marriage as a harmony of opposites. Works on women's obligations in religion, marriage, general conduct, and avoidance of luxury were attributed to Pythagoras himself. Thus, adhering closely to Pythagorean doctrine, the Neo- pythagorean treatises by women and about women discuss the proper behavior of women, recommending, for the most part, purity, control of one's appetites, and tolerance of a husband's vices.

Excessive use of makeup, fine clothing, and fre- quent bathing are viewed as preludes to seduction. Many of the ideas in these treatises were traditional in Greek thought. Prece- dents can be found in the most misogynistic of earlier authors, Hesiod and Semonides. Yet these attitudes Chicopee strapon escort not persuade us that the Neopythagorean treatises were written by men.

It would be unreasonable to expect the Neopythagorean women to write like modern feminists. Orthodox writings by women were much more likely to gain publication and circulation than radical works.

The Neopythagorean Perictione bore the name of Plato's mother. This name was an obvious one for a Neopythagorean to give to a daughter, since Plato had had links with Pythagorean- ism and, like Pythagoras, had had female pupils.

For her soul must be very wise indeed when it comes to virtue so that she will be just and courageous lit. For from these qualities fair deeds accrue to a woman for herself as well as for her husband, children, and home: and perchance even to a city, if in fact, such a woman were to govern cities or peoples, as we see in the case of a legitimate monarchy.

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Surely, by controlling her desire and passion, a woman becomes devout and harmonious, resulting in her not becoming a prey to impious love affairs. Rather, she will be full of love for her husband and children and her entire household. For all those women who have a desire for extramarital relations lit.

Such a woman contrives both falsehood and deceits for her husband and tells lies against everyone to him as well, so that she alone seems to excel in good will and in mastery over the household, though she revels in idleness. For from all these activities comes the ruination that Sexy hot girl sweeden afflicts the woman as well as her husband.

And so let these precepts be pronounced before the women of today. For women who eat and drink all sorts of extravagant dishes and dress themselves sumptu- ously, wearing things that women are given to wearing, are decked out for seduction into all Gay edinburgh prostitute of vice, not only the bed but also the commission of other wrongful deeds.

And so, a woman must merely satisfy her hunger and thirst, and if she is of the poorer class, her chill, if she has a cloak made of goatskin. To be con- sumers of goods from far-off lands or of items that cost a great amount of money or are highly esteemed is manifestly no small vice.

And to wear dresses that are excessively styled and elaborately dyed with purple or some other color is a foolish indulgence in extravagance.

For the body desires merely not to be cold or, for the sake of appearances, naked; but it needs nothing else.

Gowanda Press — Feb. 3, Edition by Bradford Publishing - Issuu

Men's opin- ion runs ignorantly after inanities and oddities. So that a woman will neither Normal escort fisting herself with gold or the stone of India or of any other place, Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 will she braid her hair with artful device; nor will she anoint herself with Arabian perfume; nor will she put white makeup on her face or rouge her cheeks or darken her brows and lashes or artfully dye her graying hair; nor will she bathe fre- quently.

For by pursuing these things a woman seeks to make a spectacle of female incontinence.

The beauty that comes from wis- dom and not from these things brings pleasure to women who are well born. Let a woman not think that noble birth and wealth and Columbia dating site best from a great city and Carson city girls snapchat the esteem and love of illustrious and royal men are necessities.

For if a woman is well off, she has noth- ing to complain about; if not, it doesn't do to yearn. A clever woman is not prevented from living without these benefits. Even if whatever falls to her lot be great and marvelous, let not the soul strive for them, but let it walk far away from them.

For they do more harm than good when someone drags a woman into trouble. Treachery, malice, and spite are associated with them, so that a woman so endowed could never be serene. A woman must rever- ence the gods if she hopes for happiness, obeying the ancestral laws and institutions.

And I name after these the gods, her par- ents, whom she must honor and reverence. For parents are in all respects equivalent to gods and they act in the interest of their grandchildren, A woman must live for her husband according to law and in actuality, thinking no private thoughts of her own, but taking care of her marriage and guarding it.

For everything depends on this. For this latter Looking for fun athletic attractive man to share good times with is peculiar to men, but never to women.

Rather it brings vengeance upon her. Therefore, a woman must preserve the law and not emulate men. And she must endure her husband's temper, stinginess, complaining, jeal- ousy, abuse, and anything else peculiar to his nature. And she will deal with all of his characteristics in such a way as is congenial to him by being discreet.

For a woman who is affectionate to her husband and treats him in an agreeable way is a harmonious woman and one who loves her whole household and makes every- one in it well disposed.

But when a woman has no love in her, she has no desire to look upon her home or children or slaves or their security whatsoever, but yearns for them to go to perdition just as an enemy would; and she prays for her husband to die as she would a foe, hating everybody who pleases him, just so she can sleep with other men.

Thus, I think a woman is harmonious if she is full of sagacity and temperance. For she will not only help her husband but also her children, relatives, slaves, and her whole household, in which reside all her possessions and her dear kin and friends. She will conduct their home with simplicity, speaking and hearing fair words and holding views on their common mode of living that are compatible, while acting in concert with those rela- tives and friends whom her husband extols.

And if her husband thinks something is sweet, she will think so too; or if he thinks something bitter, she will agree with him. Otherwise she will be out of tune with her whole universe. In keeping with the musical metaphor, sophrosyne has been trans- lated as "temperance," but it also connotes chastity and self- restraint.

It should be observed, in contrast, that Phintys, a mem- ber of the western group of Neopythagoreans earlier in the Hellenistic period, declared that women should not take part in government.

Although poets of any sex are never Pegging husband story, the Helle- nistic period was reminiscent of the Archaic in that women poets were not anomalous.

Traveling women poets and mu- sicians are also known, for the most part through inscriptions that record their victories. On the other hand, Alexandria was a center of scholarship, and the only women scholars and prose writers of the Hellenistic period worked there.

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We should beware of assuming that the majority of women in Alexandria were artists or intellectuals. This generalization would not apply to men either.

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Most women, no doubt, were like the housewives portrayed by Theocritus in Idyll 15, concerned with children, husband, cooking, clothing, prices, other women friends, domestic slaves, and having a little innocent fun when the opportunity presented itself in Escort independent san jose guise of religion.

Luxury of the sort that the Neopythagorean Perictione railed against must have also brought pleasure to the Alexandrian women who could afford it.

The education and achievements of women in Ptolemaic Alex- andria were fairly typical of those of Greek women elsewhere in the same period. Please let me know if you are interested Lady wants sex MS Biloxi Divorced Erminia, Morrisville, Bored in millsboro.

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Certainly schooling was available to girls in Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 fourth century.

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Personality-I'm a easy going individual with many interests and many talents. No further information was provided. One person was cited for causing the accident; the other driver was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Coleman was released to appear in court at a later date. One occupant was checked at the scene and refused medical transport. The driver was Andrew J. Stang, 30, of Holland. Fernandez, 26, of Salamanca, and Sean P.

Ferguson, 31, of Buffalo, were arrested at 7 p. Fernandez was charged with seventh-degree possession of a controlled substance, a class A misdemeanor. Ferguson was charged with possession of marijuana, a violation.

Both were issued appearance tickets and Fuck my wife morphett vale scheduled to appear in court at a later date.

Owen, 76, of Arcade; the other driver was an unidentified, ear old ele Greensboro webcam dating ale o further information was reported. Goodemote, 19, of Olean.

Rimbey, 41, of Machias, Eric M. Murray, 29, of Delevan. The driver was Timothy M. Baker, 27, of Olean. The drivers were Richard M.

The dri ers ere identified as ohn P. Willet, 59, of Cattaraugus. The vehicle operated by Ma. Woodward Sr. According to police, the vehicle operated by Mazurzyk is owned by Tina M.

Thomas,of ittle alle The cause of the accident remained under investigation at press time on Wednesday and charges are pending, according to police. Mazurzyk and Woodward were transported to Olean General Hospital for treatment, and Willett declined treatment at the scene.

Scouts learn about Native American culture W u cout ac cele rated its onthl ac i ht on o ith a ati e erican dancin de onstration led ocel n ones and family.

Submitted photo. Benton, a raduate of o anda entral chool, is a orin in h sical thera at Broc ort e is the son of Mark and Caryn Benton. Stephanie Whalen, of o anda, as recentl na ed to the dean s list ith honors as ell Benton, a raduate of o anda entral chool, is the dau hter of aul and rin Whalen Kelsey Delpriore, of Perrysburg, as also na ed to the dean s list ith honors.

Delpriore, Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 daughter of Peter and at el riore, has een in student o ern ent at Broc ort since her freshan ear he is currentl in an internshi in l an ith tate en atharine Young.

Delpriore is a graduate of o anda entral chool ean s list ith honors status is a arded to students ith a rade oint a era e of to. Press photos by Jason Riley Dominik Rodriguez looks to improve on offense in his match again his Franklinville opponent durEthan Fort shoots for a double leg takedown in his match on Jan.

Franklinville won seven of the nine matches wrestled, but was saddled with some forfeit losses at the upper weight class due to injuries due their contest Jan.

The result was a win for Gowanda. Ethan Fort and Dave Poff each recorded a pin for Gowanda. The Panthers were seeded eighth going into the tournament. Although they did not win as a. Ethan Fort avenged a defeat and beat his opponent from Falconer by the score of Seniors Dave Poff and Chuck Valone each have overall records of losses for the season.

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Poff recently passed Lucas McKeever as the all-time wins leader in Gowanda wrestling history.

He is currently ranked No. The Panthers trailed at the end of the third quarter but outscored il er ree in the final period to pick up the league win.

The Black Knights ran a box-and. Jarmani Benton scored 26 points and added seven rebounds and four assists. Stevie John scored six points, Matt rus a added four oints and fi e rebounds, Matt Dodolek scored four.

The Panthers were scheduled to host Allegany-Limestone on Thursday, which took place after press time. This upcoming week Gowanda travels to Randolph on Feb. In Ellicottville on Jan. University at Buffalo-bound Marissa Hamilton dominated for Ellicottville scoring 17 points and adding 12 rebounds and eight assists.

Linnea Jimerson added 17 points and Jenna Aldrich 10 for the a les, ho led after the first quarter. The following day, Jan. Alexis Hawkins scored 17 points for Gowanda Totals: 15 Ellicottville 67 Aldrich 5 10; Harris 1 2; Mowery 1 2; Jimerson 6 17; Hamilton 7 17; Erlandson 6 Totals: 27 Total fouls: Gowanda 9, Ellicottville 3.

Fouled out: None. JV: Ellicottville Haskell 3 11, D. Totals: 20 Totals: 13 Franklinville 17 30 43 55 Gowanda 2 6 13 33 Three-point goals: Franklinville 11 D.

Haskell 4, A. Total fouls: Franklinville 11, Gowanda 8. JV: Franklinville won. The girls won just one out of four games.

Brianna Thompson had a high three games series of Adrianna Heary bowled her highest game of the season with a score of On the boys side of the alleys, Kurt Stitzel rolled a three game set Brendan Weinaug chipped in with a three game set of As a team, the Panthers only managed to tie one game.

Both teams will now prepare for the County and Section VI championships. George Hollenbeck, son of former Gowanda varsity basketball coach Harold Hollenbeck, sent word this past. The bus leaves each Sunday from the front circle of the high school at p.

Special thanks to everyone who was donated food and drinks for Personal ads new wollongong skiers. Roller skating for students Tinder davis quora grades Kindergarten through 8 will continue on Monday, February 6 Russian lady rochdale the Academy Place from to 7 p.

Games on skates take place each week beside the free skate periods. Students do not have to attend Gowanda Central School in order Ladies wants hot sex ny east otto 14729 attend this program. The Gowanda Recreation co-ed basketball program for students in grades three through eight is held every Wednesday night at the Academy Place from to 7 p.

Fundamentals, drills and scrimmage games take place durin each session directed certified coaches. There is no cost to attend the program.

Call the recreation director at for more information.

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After posting a dismal record of losses over a seven-year period Escorts m11 toGowanda Central chool hired their fifth arsit head basketball coach in eight years.

He stressed fundamentals, discipline and ability at each preseason practice in hopes of putting a winning combination on the court. However, when the season began, Gowanda traveled to Ellicottville and lost by 12 points. A few more adjustments were made.

The Eagles with their 6-foot-7 all-star center Chris Heinhold traveled to Gowanda and were favored to win.

However, the Panthers turned the and won the contest in overtime. When Ellicottville made a return trip to Gowanda 10 days after beating the Panthers, the Blue and White installed a full court press. As the season progressed, the Panthers won a few more games and showed progress. The went into Dunkirk late in the season as heavy underdogs and la ed the arauders e en until the final two minutes of the game.

Gowanda also won the home and home series against a. But Gowanda, behind the hot hand of Joe Han who meshed 22 points, escaped with a victory.

When the season Normal escort fisting to a close, the anthers had on fi e a es and lost he fi e ins ere one ore than the three years combined.

In league play, Gowanda did not reach the in colu n But the final scores a ainst almost every opponent showed that the Panthers were at least competitive.

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Everyone associated with the boys basketball program could see that a plan that included the junior varsity program as fir l in lace or the first ti e in many years, the returning players went into the offseason filled ith confidence and looked forward to next November.

And winning basketball at Gowanda Central that had been missing for a decade was just around the corner. Schulz E. Chimino M. Meyers M. Weimer E. Howard D. Stelley S. Grimm L. Brown M. Emke-Walker M.

Howard High Scores — Women K. Earle A. Emke-Walker Zach Miller, the Steamburg native lacrosse star, will not return for his senior season in at the University of Denver. He also became a young father while in college.

I can al a s finish u de ree later on Lacrosse will always be there. The Pioneers were picked as the preseason No. He had tallied points including 91 goals in 58 games starting every one over his three collegiate seasons. Nine of those goals were game-winners.

Miller, from the Seneca Nation of ndians, as the first erican ndian player to play for Cape flats pussy, one of the most accomplished college coaches in history. Lacrosse star Zach Miller 33 did not return to the University of Denver in January and will miss his senior year this spring.

Tyler Penrod won via a decision, Austin Genberg a pin inand Mike Grey a pin in as the Timberwolves did not lose a contested bout, yielding just fi e forfeit ictories to o in a nonleague victory.

None of them lost. Wrestling is slated to start at aith the finals tentatively scheduled for p. Grey C Xie, S. Federal Credit Union, Gowanda Post ffice, rud ien nsurance encll rin to hat ro otions, utfitters, alle har ac edical u lies and the to ns of ollins Pegging husband story ersia and the illa e of o anda o inations should e sent to o anda rea ha er of o erce, o inations, Boo anda, or e ail to o andacha er ahoo co or s are also a aila le contactin the cha er.

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  6. They were given these territories as part of their dowries or, as in the case of Lysima- chus and Arsinoe II, as gifts.
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Your help is needed to identify these men. Gowanda Assembly of God 78 Allen St. Cattaraugus United Methodist 53 Washington St. Victory Tabernacle South Main St. Pastor: Rev. Donna Lewis Sunday Worship: a. Joseph Porpiglia 30 North Chapel St.

Pastor: Chris Klimecko St. Harland J. Karen Cleveland 26 Erie St. Looking boyfriend passaic Porpiglia Worship: Saturday, p. Pastor: The Rev. David Noves Sunday Worship: 10 a.

Collins Friends Meeting Main St. Pastor: Janice Ninan Worship: 11 a. Sunday, Sunday School. Special Notes: Free community meal, second Saturday of Worship: 10 a.

Sundays; 7 p.