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Oral worship for weeping nebraska bbws
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My sexual preference: Man
My Zodiac sign: Libra

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Nothing is too taboo here! Home Videos 1, Images Forum 43 Members group. View All. Recent Videos Shared by lenchokeko - Random1 mad However, married wives Zarrin Khani I have come to understand that both of these fore mentioned desires stem from the same core desire.

That desire is to be sexually dominated by a woman.

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It is expressed differently but it is the same deep-rooted motivation. Not only that, but this deep-rooted nature is evolving and the man that desires to be on the bottom during intercourse today may very well develop a desire to be spanked or whipped by a woman tomorrow.

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Once I learned about the natures of both men and women and once I learned about the natural dominance and supremacy of women over men, it became the key to unlocking and understanding all submissive desires within men.

It matters not how these desires are expressed through different fantasies.

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The root and the core of these are all the same. Namely, the desire of the male gender is to be dominated and ruled by the female gender.

Therefore, no expression of this submissive nature surprises me or shocks me.

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I have heard it all from my male clients and I have seen it all through my own participation in the Female Domination lifestyle.

Men want to worship the female by tending to her physical and sexual needs body Escorts m11 and men want to be made into a domesticated servant to their wives.

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But the common thread to all these sexual and submissive desires is the longing for loving female authority.

To me, that is the true definition of Female Domination. Female Domination is Loving Female Authority.

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That is what most men want and need. All these specific fetishes or desires are the outward expressions of a man's need for loving female authority.

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Terms like Female Domination, Female Supremacy, and Female Superiority were all coined by men, as they tried to explain their desires toward the female gender.

So women are wise to capitalize by using those same terms thus the reason for the title of my web site. Words are merely verbal pictures.

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The right al sent to the male mind will conjure up the programming that has gone into his subconscious since he was a.

Men create the majority of FemDom art, pictures and images to express how powerful women are in their eyes and how weak they feel in a woman's presence.

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These images represent what men are feeling inside. The poet and the song writer use words and the artist uses pictures to express their inner feelings.

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So when a woman becomes that image by donning a fetish outfit or saying a term or using her voice in a certain manner, she touches the male submissive nature and triggers his feelings and desires, thus he becomes weak and helpless.

Then the woman can interact with the man with all barriers and defense mechanisms down. Now she is free to interact with the man in a more meaningful way.

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Now true intimacy and bonding can take place between the woman and the man because she now can see herself as he does. She now sees that in his eyes, she is indeed a Goddess.

So I say to Tranny sex grove ladies, please do not get offended by FemDom artwork, videos, or literature, no matter how graphic in nature some of these may be.

Instead, look more closely at what is being expressed by the male gender.

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What are men trying to convey when they produce media that shows men collared and bound at the feet of a woman? Ask yourself, why are sites like The Other World Kingdom so popular with men?

What do these pictures say about the male submissive nature? If a woman will look Russian lady rochdale, get over her prudish and self-righteous ways and examine the message more than the content, then she will gain an incredible insight into the male psyche.

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What is the underlying message to all of these expressions, regardless of the content? Is it not simply the male gender recognizing his need to submit to the female gender?

Is it not the inner malecrying out to be disciplined and trained by the female gender?

Is it not the true nature of man breaking forth in his attempt to surrender himself to the female gender? The thing women must keep in mind about Female Domination is that men need it.

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It is almost always the man who will introduce the Female Domination lifestyle to the woman.